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eco-anxiety support talk 

Monday 9th August 7pm (BST) with Judith Anderson

How do we process our many reactions to climate change and the biodiversity and environmental crises? What shape do these feelings have? How can we relate to and support each other?

Judith Anderson is Jungian psychotherapist with a long interest in the mental health and emotional implications of climate change. She has been a member of Climate Psychology Alliance since its founding and currently is its Chair.

This is an open talk for anyone who is looking for support in dealing with eco-anxiety. So if you have been struck by eco-grief, anger, distress, feeling of betrayal and anxiety about the future you might find this useful.

After the talk there will be a short Q+A session and space for reflection.



Solastalgia is Kasia's new work, with research and creation taking place this Summer and Autumn in Leeds and London. 

photo Camilla Greenwell




24th-26th August 9am-10.15am

This class is rooted in Kasia’s choreographic and movement research. With strong influence from artist Deborah Hay Kasia leads sessions in a way which invites dancers to widen their perceptual powers. Through a series of solo and group improvisations this class leads participants towards enriched performance presence and discovering greater availability of movement material.


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workshops for babies & carers

In this movement session, children and carers will share a special time together with plenty of opportunities to make new discoveries and grow side by side. Through the use of dance, music, contact, rhymes and improvisation we will support the children's physical development and their creative, explorative mind. Parents and carers will have the chance to be physically active with their little ones, moving along side them and enjoying some fun activities. (Children will be challenged to perform several tasks which will introduce new movements skills to their to physical language whilst developing in confidence and self esteem.) During the session we will share a nurturing experience and there will be plenty of time to explore, pretend, imagine and be free!

Bring a blanket!

Booking required: or for St Albans workshop book at +44 (0)1727 850950

18th August 10am Greenwich Park, London

19th August 10am Trestle Theatre Garden, St Albans

26th August 10am Hyde Park, Leeds



These workshops are designed by a team of people devoted to finding alternative ways of dealing with emotional distress caused by the climate crisis. In this hour long workshop you will be taken on an audio walk. It will introduce you to some useful tools for increasing state of calm and mental clarity. Working with natural materials and proposed embodied movement tasks. There will be time for simply just being as well as  for a centred reflection. 

Booking required:

28th August 11am Greenwich Park, London

13th September 11am Hyde Park, Leeds

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