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Duet beginnings

As of last year I have been a part of a work exchange programme at the one and only Chisenhale Dance Space (I love that place). After a few months of working behind the desk I've gathered a substantial amount of free studio hours. However the production of my current piece "one wall of me" is still few moths away (summer 2018) so I decided to start chipping away on something else. Something new entirely. I invited Elisa Vassena and Robert Keates to join me in creating a little duet.

Over the last two months this work became my retreat. I would even call it my guilty pleasure. During the short, few hour long rehearsals we indulge, we seek joy, we seek risks, we look for whats satisfying - both for the eye and for the body. Dance has become such a serious subject for me over the years that it is absolutely wonderful to free myself (and this dance) from having to be anything other than what it is in this moment in time.

Perhaps later on I will look deeper. But right now I don't want to ask for more. Dance is enough.

Eli and Rob in rehearsal

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