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Tale Of Snakes Heart - reviews

"The tale of the snakes heart" had a premiere at the National Theatre Krakow in November 2022. Directed by Beniamin Bukowski and choreographed by Kasia Witek. Some reviews of the choreography:

"Brilliantly conceived choreography by Katarzyna Witek alluding to folk dances, with a deftly woven motif of snaking movement around an apple tree. Despite the limitations of space, the choreographer found very interesting solutions." Justyna Landorf "Teatr"

"The role of the ringleader is well served by the choreography (Katarzyna Witek) of the stage ballet. The arrangements of the collective corps of actors, moving with a serpentine, youthful or openly dance-like movement along lines that loop the characters' relationships with each other, work superbly." Artur Grabowski "Teatrologia"


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