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Solastalgia Premiere

Solastalgia is a new dance performance that responds to the climate emergency that we face today, fostering emotional resilience, hope and a sense of togetherness in both performers and audiences.

Created by Polish born, London-based choreographer Kasia Witek, Solastalgia explores the wide range of emotions that the climate crisis evokes, questioning our perception of nature as ‘other’. It draws inspiration from the works of choreographer Deborah Hay, philosopher Timothy Morton and environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy. 

On Solastalgia, Kasia Witek says: “In my artistic work, I look closer at how a somatic approach to movement affects our understanding of the body as nature and, in extension, its potential to reconfigure the relationship of self and other; moving from the sense of separation to experiencing the joy of coexistence”.

The performance features an original score by Witek’s long-term collaborator Alex Roth, composed for double bassist James Opstad.

Solastalgia premieres at Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton, on 30 November, followed by performances in Leeds (The Left Bank) on 5 January 2024, and in London (Peckham Theatre) on 6 January 2024.

Alongside the performances, Solastalgia presents a series of community engagement workshops for young people. 


Choreography: Kasia Witek 

Dancers: Elisa Vassena, Anders Duckworth, Tora Hed

Original Music Score: Alex Roth 

Double Bass: James Opstad

Cello: Alice Purton

Workshop Leaders: Elisa Vassena, Anders Duckworth, Tora Hed

Mentor: Joe Moran 

Videography: Ruta Puzaite

Photos by Camilla Greenwell

Funded by Arts Council England


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