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Upcoming creation & workshops

As we have been hibernating throughout the pandemic year of 2020 I am incredibly excited to announce we have now confirmed new dates for our ACE funded R&D and creation of this duet work. Elisa Vassena, Anders Duckworth and myself will be in residency in Yorkshire Dance (Leeds) 23rd August - 2nd September 2021. From there we are heading for a few days of residency , rehearsals and performance at Trestle Theatre in St Albans between 20th-24th September 2021.

As a part of reaching out to our community we are opening a series of dance, movement and mindfulness workshops. All of these workshops, and talks are aimed at those of us struggling with eco-anxiety and mental health issues due to the climate crisis. There will also be a couple of open talks from psychologists and experts in the field of dealing with those emotions and realities. All dates dates and venues announced on this site soon.

photo by Camila Greenwell

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