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one wall of me R&D

This winter we've worked in Leeds, Bradford, Coventry and London researching and developing one wall of me.

This work is about experiencing the space around and about how we choose to see it? How the way we see it affects a sense of separation. It is about interconnectivity of everything and about what happens when we perceive it. It is about embracing the unknown without looking for any conclusion. It is about a human crisis of perception.

"Without self-understanding we cannot hope for enduring solution to environmental problems, which are fundamentally human problems." Yi-Fu Tuan

Tora Hed in rehearsal for one wall of me 2019 photo Camilla Greenwell
Anders Duckworth and Elisa Vassena in rehearsal for one wall of me 2019 photo Camilla Greenwell

There work has been shared at Kala Sangam Arts (Bradford), Polish Cultural Centre (London), Coventry University and Siobhan Davies Studios in London.

Next performance on Friday 29th March as part of Making An Exit at Chisenhale Dance Space.

Big thank you to Arts Council England, Kala Sangam Arts in Bradford, Coventry University, The Place in London and Spin Arts for helping us make this research and development possible.

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